Deprest and sustainability

Sustainability is a key value at Deprest.

We naturally try to apply this value at company level like everyone else by, among other things

- generating our own energy as much as possible by means of solar panels

- limiting our energy consumption

- sorting our waste – in this respect Deprest is obviously fortunate with its waste flow, since most of our waste (metal scrap) is 100% recyclable.

In addition to these traditional ways of contributing to sustainability, the projects we work on are very often intended for sustainable projects. We regularly manufacture parts for wind farms, we make sump tanks for ships (where all waste is collected, while in the past it was simply dumped into the sea). As many of our tanks are used to make processes cleaner, we also contribute indirectly to a better, more sustainable world.


We recently supplied parts for the revolutionary ‘Qpinch’ project launched by Borealis.

03 May 2022