New pickling hall

Our new pickling hall was put into use in the autumn of 2016.

The hall has become equipped with:

  • 2 overhead cranes
  • a 20x12 metre hall with a height of 9 m
  • a 3500x1200x1200 mm bath for immersion pickling
  • and a spray pickling installation

The hall is intended for our own pickling work, but also for subcontracting to third parties.

The pieces are first pickled (spray pickling or immersion pickling) and then sprayed with a passivating solution in order to speed up the natural passivation process.

Research has shown that, among the conventional post-treatments, pickling is still the most effective when it comes to cleaning the piece and preventing and reducing corrosion at weld level.

Peter Depraetere

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03 July 2017