Skilled professionals

Deprest has spent several years installing cutting-edge technology and equipment.

Ever since 2013 when we added a new building, we have equipped ourselves with the latest technology in the areas of cutting, rolling and welding, and our new building has even been extended because it was too small. Notwithstanding all this new technology, we wouldn’t have gotten where we are without skilled professionals.

When I took over Deprest some 8 years ago, no investments had been made in many years. At the time, Deprest's reputation rested on its outstanding workmanship. Naturally, these craftsmen have remained in the company and obviously still know their craft; the team has grown over time with the addition of experts who have learned their trade from some colleagues whose companies, unfortunately, have since gone bankrupt, namely people from G&G International in Willebroek, a boiler manufacturer that specialised in larger pressure vessels, as well as people from Inalco in Lokeren, a specialist in storage tanks.

It goes without saying that the synergy between people from different companies has tremendously increased our know-how.

Professionals combined with state-of-the-art machinery can only lead to high-quality products.

The attached photo illustrates this perfect mix: in the foreground you can see two welders in action; left in the background, the submerged arc welding installation at work.

16 September 2017