Download the certificates held by Deprest here

Deprest has the following experts in-house:

- International Welding Engineer (IWE)

- International Welding Technologist (IWT)

- International Welding Specialist (IWS)

Our people can also perform Penetrant Testing (PT) in-house, for more info click here.


Deprest is certified compliant with the

ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 384-32 standards

EN 1090-2 up to EXC3 (incl. welding) and EXC4 (initial processing) for steel and stainless steel structures; also EN1090-3 with same execution classes for aluminium structures.

Vlarem II

- Approved to carry out projects for De Watergroep

- Approved to build tanks according to API

- Approved to make pressure vessels according to PED, ASME, AD 2000, EN13445 for chemistry, petrochemical, oil & gas, nuclear, pharmaceutical and industry.