Certificaat Tracering Tracering 2 Traceability: Afbeelding 4

Deprest boasts:

  • An electronic material certificate management system
    • Plates, profile steel and parts: certificates are requested immediately with each delivery and a photo taken when goods are received.  That photo is then compared with the incoming certificate.
    • Additive materials: the material certificate is always requested, compared with supplied material and stored electronically in the system.
  • Full traceability of the material in the downstream production process
  • The necessary tools for material tagging, including plasma etching and a stamping machine.

We do that for plates and profile steel as well as small parts, thus ensuring the quality of your projects


Deprest adds 1,680 m2 to its workshop. With a height of 18.3 metres, the additional workshop space is suitable for the vertical construction of tanks. In addition, Deprest invested heavily in additional overhead cranes with a capacity of up to 64 tons, and a plasma keyhole welding installation, among other machinery.