Tanks, vessels, chocolate tanks, double-walled tanks, reactors and pressure vessels ...

What do we manufacture at Deprest NV?

In fact, vessel construction in the broadest sense: anything, large or small, that can be called a vessel, tank or basin with, among other things, reactors and process vessels, including possible fittings such as agitators, controls, connections, isolation coverings, etc. Both pressureless and pressurized. Of course if wished, we can at the same time take charge of the design as well as follow-up, including technical inspections

This could be a plain storage tank but also a double-walled boiler vessel which actually is a pressure vessel, a fat melter or chocolate tank, a reactor for the pharmaceutical industry, etc...

Deprest can also help you with storage tanks according to VLAREM or API and double-walled tanks according to the principle of a double jacket/mantle or halfpipe / halfcoil

Vessels up to a diameter of 6 meter

Deprest builds vessels up to a diameter of 6000 mm, a length of 50 meters and a weight up to 40 tons. Of course, if you take a look at the pictures, you see that we make a lot of small vessels as well. Vessels and storage tanks can be made according to the customer’s design or can be designed in-house, where we can also make the necessary calculations.

What vessels Deprest can offer you:

Deprest can offer you a wide variety of atmospheric and pressure vessels like:

  • storage tank, buffer vessel, drain tank, hopper
  • reactor, process vessel, separator, condensor, adsorber, extractor, crystallizer, statoliser, deodorizer, hopper
  • fat melter, fat tank, chocolate tank,
  • double-walled tank, tank with deposition-welded heater coils, single-walled tank, melting tank
  • agitators, mixing tank, mixer arm,
  • filter, plate filter and a lot more