Deprests expertise: Afbeelding 1

Deprest has spent several years installing cutting-edge technology and equipment. In the past few years, it has invested in a new building and state-of-the-art machinery in cutting, sheet rolling, welding and other processes. Areas such ERP, computational software and structured work have also benefited from the recent upgrades. But what would be the point of all those hi-tech gadgets without good people?

Deprest has always employed a team of skilled, experienced professionals. Following the relocation of production to Temse in 2013 and the subsequent expansion of the assembly halls in 2016, our team has also grown quite a lot. When G&G International from Willebroek, a boiler manufacturer specialised in larger pressure vessels, and Inalco from Lokeren, specialised in storage tanks, unfortunately had to declare bankruptcy, this prompted some of their top people to join our ranks.

It goes without saying that the synergy between people from different companies has tremendously increased our know-how and raised our already high quality level.

Top quality work is based on 3 pillars: 
- Structured, uniform work in compliance with the various standards
- Using state-of-the-art equipment
- And with the best skilled workforce

Well, you will find all these prerequisites at Deprest.