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We would like to take this opportunity to update you on the progress of the work on the extension of our  workshop in 2016/2017


End of January 2017: the extension is officially put into use and the occasion celebrated with an "open workshop" day for our customers. Only the exterior finish (curing, landscaping) needs further treatment.

October 2016 - January 2017: further progress in the completion of the building, internal relocation, additional machines are commissioned, i.a. heavy-duty profile bender and an additional plate rolling machine.

October 2016: New pickling hall starts operations.

September 2016: Plasma Keyhole welding installation in place.

August 2016: Building is weathertight and the concrete floor is poured; part of the building is already in use.

June 2016: Concrete floor, domes, gates and doors. By the end of June the building is weathertight.

May 2016: Work on roof and side plating starts.

April 2016: Some of the newly acquired overhead cranes due to move from the existing section to the new extension are relocated. Positioning of concrete piles.

March 2016: Start of foundation works.

January 2016: New build design is approved.

December 2015: The decision is made to expand the workshop by 1680 m2. A first design is created: the pickling hall must go, because it will be moved to the back of the building.

The 2016/2017 extension has the following characteristics:

  • 1680 m2 additional workshop floor area
  • Height: 18.3 metres – 15 metres under the hook, building suitable for vertical assembly
  • Since the biggest gate's opening is 9x9 metres, this is the theoretical limit of the largest vessel Deprest will ever be able to build.
  • In addition to the existing test area in the current workshop, there will be another reinforced area with a base of 10x10 metres used to test tanks standing vertically.
  • Fully equipped with overhead cranes. The new building will feature 26 tackles and the heaviest overhead crane will be able to lift 64 tons