Another pressure vessel has left the building

It’s not suprising to see a pressure vessel leaving Deprest. We at Deprest are specialized in pressure vessel. Each week some vessels – large or small – leave the site. Our pressure vessels are made in steel, stainless steel and special alloys. We elaborate and follow projects from A to Z, inclusive technical calculations, design, testing, complete execution, and the testing and follow-up of the necessary inspections.

On this picture, a pressure vessel of 39 000 liter is shown. It’s dimensions are 24000 mm diameter, 8000 mm height. The shell is 16mm and is made of SA-516 Gr.60. This vessel can resist a pressure of 5.3 bar and a temperature until 250 degrees celcius. The design code of this vessel is code ASME VIII div 1 - PED 2014/68/EU - Cat IV mod G.There was also a non-destructive testing which includes a visual and dimensional inspection, RX 10% and hydrotest at 7.6 bar.

Almost finished, the vessel is sandblasted on the in- and outside and gets a paint finish.


05 October 2018