Perfect welding in the spotlight

There is welding and... welding. Look closely at the welds in the attached photo: perfect work, isn’t it? Whether the process used is manual welding as shown in this photo, or submerged arc welding, plasma keyhole welding, automatic or semi-automatic welding – to name but a few – not only do our welds always look impeccable; various NDT testing methods such as RX, MT, and more, also confirm it.

How come Deprest’s welding is of such high quality?


This is due to a number of factors:

• Deprest works with the latest welding technologies. Not just the conventional TIG, semi-automatic and stick electrode welding, but also STT, TPS/i, PAW, SAW etc. When expertly performed, most automatic welding techniques such as plasma arc welding (PAW) and submerged arc welding (SAW) produce very nice welds and very few errors. No manual welding technique can do better.

• Welders are selected, trained and monitored with great care; Deprest sets the bar high.

• Welders continuously renew their certifications; their work is monitored almost non-stop to make sure our people get immediate feedback of any errors. This is of course due to the high number of NDT inspections that are required in view of the fact that we make pressure vessels.

• Our extensive technical know-how in welding and in-house support.

• Pursuing the highest quality standards is a philosophy that has become ingrained in us and our people. No half-done job: nothing less than good will do.

Yes, that is really something we are proud of.

 Peter Depraetere

25 June 2021