PQR database

Obviously, skilled people and state-of-the-art machinery are the beating heart of a company, and, fortunately, Deprest has both.

Yet, the many PQRs accumulated by Deprest over the years are another asset that shouldn't be underestimated in our sector.

(W)PQR stands for (Welding) Procedure Qualification Record and is a standardised procedure for welding certain materials, positions and thicknesses as a certified workshop. Welding Procedure Specifications (WPS) are supported by the PQRs.

The approval of a PQR is done by and under the supervision of an external inspection body and can quickly reach a cost of 3,500 euros or more per qualification, not including the company's own costs (such as joint preparation and welding time). Considering that, as a workshop, Deprest has over 100 PQRs, you do the math...


Deprest sets the bar very high when it comes to welding. More and more tests and certifications are required every time we add new technologies (just think of plasma keyhole, SAW, STT, TPS/i, etc.).

Peter Depraetere


31 March 2020