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In February 2012, we moved to a new building, Frank Van Dyckelaan 24, 9140 Temse.
Early 2017 we expanded the workshop, nearly doubling in size.

  • 5300 m2 fully equipped workshop space
  • Separate area for processing stainless steel and special alloys
  • 3 testing zones for water pressure trials (weighted floor on poles)
  • Fitted for projects up to 85 tonnes, and maximum diameter 9x9 m, length up to 50 m
  • equipped with various overhead travelling cranes, height of the welding and finishing workshop: up to 18.3 metres, 15 metres under the hook. In total 26 hoists, overhead travelling cranes with a capacity of up to 64 tons/travelling crane
  • scissor lifts, articulated arms and forklifts
  • self-centering welding rotators for up to 100 tons, and a maximum diameter of 7800 mm
  • located near the Scheldt for projects requiring exceptional transport