Welcome to Deprest!

Would you like to explore our website? In recent years, Deprest has grown to become a major player in the production of pressure vessels, equipment, storage tanks, filters and specific metalworking projects. Our state-of-the-art production equipment and our enthusiastic team of experienced professionals are at your disposal to help turn your projects into a reality. Any projects? Contact us.

New investments in 2016

The workshop built in 2013 had become too small and was expanded by 1700 m2 in 2016, to be completed around the new year 2017. The new extension is suitable for the vertical construction of vessels and is also equipped with a new pickling hall. As regards machinery, too, new investments were made: among other things, the new Plasma Keyhole installation is the perfect complement to the impressive investment programme implemented in 2013.

Recent technology and enthusiastic professionals

At Deprest, all major production equipment dates from 2013 or later. Your projects are therefore executed with the latest technology, with a positive impact on quality. But the most important thing is still the knowledge and experience of Deprest and our people. Deprest boasts 80 years of experience, and a number of experts from G&G International and Inalco who also joined our ranks recently.

Peter Depraetere, director Deprest