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Gouging: technical info

Gouging is a process that removes material from a work piece. It is a form of grinding or controlled burning. Gouging is very similar to manual metal arc welding (MMAW) with coated electrodes. In both cases an electric arc is drawn between the work piece and an electrode.

In gouging, the electrode consists mainly of carbon. The carbon rod ensures material becomes molten, and that a stream of compressed air is blown along the electrode through several openings in the electrode holder.

What are its applications?

Gouging is mainly suitable for thicker materials (> 25 mm) that are welded by the automatic submerged arc welding machine and is used to:

  • Remove the first pass on a weld joint. One      of the reasons why this first pass has to be removed is because it is      often under great stress, which could lead to weld defects.
  • Easily and quickly remove weld defects that      run deep into the material.