Welding: Afbeelding 1 Toelevering laswerk Welding: Afbeelding 3 Lasposten voor toelevering Welding: Afbeelding 5 Laswerk voor derden Diverse lasklemmen

Welding equipment: the following welding processes are

  • Submerged arc welding (SAW)
  • Plasma Keyhole welding
  • TIG (up to 400A) - GTAW
  • Semi-automatic MIG/MAG - GMAW, including the following options:
    • STT (Surface Tension Transfer)
    • TPS/i
    • Power mode
    • Pulse on pulse
    • Rapid X
  • Stick electrode welding - SMAW
  • Gouging

In addition, we have the following welding tools and accessories:

  • Negatoscope to interpret welding x-rays
  • Endoscope camera
  • Welding turntables, manipulators
  • Various self-centring rolling scaffolds up 100 tons, maximum 7800 mm diameter
  • Large database of PQRs and WPSs, cooperation with notified bodies to carry out destructive and nondestructive tests for new PQRs

Our welders are all certified for steel, stainless steel, special alloys and aluminium.

Stereo welding or ‘pool-in-pool’ welding is also one of the processes we offer.